Herbal Mosquito Vaporizer
  • Herbal Mosquito Vaporizer

Herbal Mosquito Vaporizer

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Technically, mosquito repellent is any chemical — natural or synthetic — that causes mosquitoes to make directed, oriented movements away from the source of repellent. In simple terms, these things make mosquitoes get away from us. We all need and use mosquito repellents in our day to day lives. They are very crucial to our health and proper functioning.

So what kinds of repellents do we use? We mainly all use Chemical repellents, that are said to be safe, and actually are safe, most times. But there are always people who might have problems related to this. The 2 most effective and widely used products are N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (deet), which is applied to exposed skin, and permethrin, which is applied to clothes. Both are safe when used according to directions, but there are always exception cases

There have been a few reports of systemic reactions from repeated exposure to deet. For example, in 6 girls ranging in age from 17 months to 8 years, behavioral changes, ataxia, encephalopathy, seizures, and/or coma developed after repeated exposure to deet; 3 subsequently died. In addition, episodes of confusion, irritability, and insomnia have been reported following repeated and prolonged use of deet. However, a few reports of adverse reactions to deet should not be misconstrued to mean that repellents are dangerous and are not to be used. All commercially available repellents are generally safe when used according to their label instructions.

But when you are using something like this each and every day, and probably have children or pregnant women around the house, you can’t be too careful. That’s where natural repellents come in. Examples can be Neem oil, eucalyptus oils, or even crushed beans or Garlic. Or, herbal mosquito repellents if you want sure results as they have stronger effects and longer repelling times compared to household remedies.

What are the benefits of this you may ask. Well, for starters, These herbal mosquito repellents are made up of mosquito repellent herbs and a lot of tried and tested science and are the closest to perfected natural mosquito repellents you can find. These repellents will make sure your allergies would never act up, your kids will never get affected by chemicals that emanate from the usual chemical vaporizers that you may have been using.

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